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Cook housewife

Personal schedule:

Number of classes: 12

Duration: 3 hours

Document: certificate in ukrainian and english


Learning from scratch, for those who want to learn how to cook at home like in a restaurant!
Training takes place on the basis of the TOP restaurant in Zaporozhye, which has all the necessary equipment, inventory, as well as products for cooking. You will be trained in a team of professional chefs, under the guidance of a chef. After completing the training, you are guaranteed to be able to independently cook all the dishes that you will take during the course at home. You will also learn the professional secrets of cooking dishes from meat, fish, seafood, eggs, etc. Learn to choose high-quality, fresh products of the best quality, because only from these you can count on delicious dishes. You will master the decoration and serving of dishes, your photos on Instagram will be the most delicious.
Training schedule is selected individually, within the framework of the restaurant's work schedule, an accelerated / intensive training course is also possible (check with the manager). It is very convenient, you can combine with your daily activities.
Chef will alternate theoretical and practical parts during one lesson, you will constantly act, learn professional secrets and life hacks for home use.
They will answer everything: “what if?”, “what to replace it with?”, “I used to cook (la) and I didn’t succeed, why?” and many other questions that have accumulated in the process of work or home culinary experiments. You can diversify your usual dishes with unusual sauces, dressings, spices that will add piquancy and a unique, unique taste.
If you want to work as a cook and earn money by doing this, the "Professional Chef", "Powerful Chef" and "Expert Chef" courses are also suitable for you.
Thanks to this course and a team of professional chefs, in just 12 lessons, you will be able to diversify your everyday life, learn how to cook like a pro, the food you cook will be like in a restaurant, which will certainly pleasantly surprise your loved ones. After completing the course, your self-esteem and self-confidence will skyrocket, as you will see your incredible, amazing results. The students, looking at the cooked dish, at first, do not even believe that they are capable of such a thing, it is so delicious and exquisite.
They will tell you and show you all the details of cooking and you will definitely succeed!
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