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Butcher professional - meat deboner - 7 days

Personal schedule:

Number of classes: 7

Duration: 3 hours

Document: certificate in ukrainian and english

Butcher courses individually in practice from scratch to a professional in Zaporozhye - 7 days.

Training takes place on the basis of the meat shop in Kyiv, which has all the necessary equipment, inventory, as well as carcasses for cutting (no need to pay for carcasses). You will cut carcasses (1-3 per day) under the guidance of a professional butcher who will reveal many secrets of the work from the inside. After completing the training, you are guaranteed to be able to cut meat carcasses on your own, which you will pass during the course, train yourself to cut quickly and efficiently. And also learn the subtleties of cutting. Learn to confidently work with a knife and all the features of its sharpening.

Schedule of training is selected individually, within the framework of the work schedule of the meat shop from morning to 14:00-15:00, an accelerated / intensive training course is also possible (check with the manager).

The Butcher will alternate the theoretical and practical parts during one lesson, you will constantly act, acquire practical skills and study the theoretical part at the same time.
You will be told and shown all the subtleties of cutting and you will definitely succeed!

They will answer everything: “what if?”, “what to replace it with?”, “but I haven’t butchered (la) before and I didn’t succeed, why?” and many other questions that have accumulated in the process of learning or home experiments.
At each lesson you get an information block and a practical skill that guarantees your professional growth!

The teacher will teach you not only to butcher carcasses, but also to cut meat from the bone, clean the veins, cut into certain types for sale: steak and so on, cut into small pieces, organize a workplace, accept goods, carry out procurement, control storage periods, and also carry out rediscounts. If you want to work as a butcher and make money with it, the course "Enhanced Professional Butcher" - 14 lessons is also suitable for you.

You will acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills in cutting to work in meat shops, and you will also be able to find a job abroad. We can train anyone without experience and provide assistance in finding employment abroad in England ($3000 + knowledge of English), Ireland ($1800 without English). A promising profession that can be mastered in 7-14 days and successfully start earning.

With basic knowledge, you will realize your creativity in a new butcher profession or in opening your own butcher shop.

It's time to act - call/register! You will definitely succeed!


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